Music has taught her how to learn and adapt to a different world. 

She came from a land where the mountains are vast and the hills are long.

She arrived with a song in her heart and a rhythm all of her own. 

She has refused to quit on her dreams despite being knocked down.

She perseveres and takes on the challenge we call life. 

Her style is unique and her smile is contagious. 

On the dance floor she is unmatched in skill and has proven to have killer moves. 

She strokes the strings of my heart and we dance to the beat of our own drum.

Her hips make my knees weak and I become lost in the essence that is her. 

We lose ourselves in between time and become one melodic sound
and I am captivated by her voice and stunned by her beauty. 

Baby your accent is everything to me and I love you more than life.

You are a wonderful mother and an awesome friend
but most of all you are a Rockstar from beginning to end 🕺🏽❤️💃🏽