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A Steady Hand

It was love at first sight, you made my first time so special, and I already knew I would return to you as long as you would have me.  You told me that I could take a seat, you were ready for me, you made sure I was relaxed and asked me what I would […]


I have tried to live my life by a certain creed.  I was always taught that you should not look down on anyone unless you are helping them up.    Life can paint a pretty picture but sometimes everything is not what it seems.  Just because it may feel that you have gotten away with […]


Music has taught her how to learn and adapt to a different world.  She came from a land where the mountains are vast and the hills are long. She arrived with a song in her heart and a rhythm all of her own.  She has refused to quit on her dreams despite being knocked down. […]

To My Pretty Eyes

From your long hair to your beautiful body I stare, from your light skin to your pink lips I stare.  She walks with confidence as if to say I am here, yet so subtle as if not to be noticed.  Her colored hair drapes down her face and moves like the ocean, but there is […]

As Far as You Let Him 

I have talked to many women about this topic and I feel at this point in my life I am mature enough to enlighten you on the right moves that you should make in relationships. I’m no scientist but I know some things, first off, to my women if you want to be treated like […]

Showing Up

A pair of lips can tell you anything, sometimes lies and sometimes truths, it all depends on who’s talking.   Let’s look at life from the perspective of a child, children don’t care about money and what you can buy them, if you’re not there and can’t show up when they need you. They want your […]

Tomorrow Is Not Promised

Every night I close my eyes with a plan or notion of opening them again, I hold on to the promises of yesterday and push for the future of tomorrow.  Not knowing whether I will live or die.  No matter what you may be facing you must choose life, for it is better to have […]


Time is truly the undisputed champion of the world, it’s the one thing in life that we just don’t seem to have enough of. It’s something that can be your best friend and in the same token, your worst enemy. It can’t be controlled or manipulated, bought or bargained with, it is simply the essence […]

A Few Good Men

I hear women complain all the time that they don’t exist, that there are none left, spoken as if we were from a pre-historic age. I beg to differ ladies, we are alive and well, I do concur that it is hard to find a good man but not impossible. What you must understand is […]

Forever Dating

Never let go, always keep their hand in yours, focus on the little things such as a soft kiss on the forehead or a “hi”, “how was your day?” Never get comfortable in your leisure, pursue the ones you love wholeheartedly as if to say goodbye to a passing stranger in the night. Rejoice in […]