I have tried to live my life by a certain creed. 

I was always taught that you should not look down on anyone unless you are helping them up. 


Life can paint a pretty picture but sometimes everything is not what it seems. 

Just because it may feel that you have gotten away with something or you have wronged someone does not mean it will not come back around. 


Karma doesn’t have a timeframe, so 1 month can turn into 7 months and that may even turn into years but trust and believe it will come back around. 


Please understand that no one deserves bad things to happen to them, it just means it’s your turn.


Stay prepared and ready to react to whatever life decides to hand you so that when you go through this process, the transition will flow smoother than expected.


Karma can come in different forms, sometimes it may be the loved ones you hold closest that may pay for the sins that you cause. 


Karma does not rest, it doesn’t take holidays off and it does not discriminate on who you are as a person

Karma is a bitch. 




Music has taught her how to learn and adapt to a different world. 

She came from a land where the mountains are vast and the hills are long.

She arrived with a song in her heart and a rhythm all of her own. 

She has refused to quit on her dreams despite being knocked down.

She perseveres and takes on the challenge we call life. 

Her style is unique and her smile is contagious. 

On the dance floor she is unmatched in skill and has proven to have killer moves. 

She strokes the strings of my heart and we dance to the beat of our own drum.

Her hips make my knees weak and I become lost in the essence that is her. 

We lose ourselves in between time and become one melodic sound
and I am captivated by her voice and stunned by her beauty. 

Baby your accent is everything to me and I love you more than life.

You are a wonderful mother and an awesome friend
but most of all you are a Rockstar from beginning to end 🕺🏽❤️💃🏽


I have talked to many women about this topic and I feel at this point in my life I am mature enough to enlighten you on the right moves that you should make in relationships.

I’m no scientist but I know some things, first off, to my women if you want to be treated like a Queen then you have to act as such.

Men are like wolves and we love to hunt, if you make him work for the cookie he will treat you with respect, if you give him your most prized possession on the first night that’s exactly what he will use you for – sex and nothing more.

The key ladies is to find a man that loves you more than you love him, if you can do this, he will always try his best to keep you and make you happy.

I truly believe that pussy is one of the most powerful tools known to man, a man will fly, drive, or damn near swim if he has to for those few moments of passion. With this being said if you have any self-respect and you actually like the guy, you will make him wait.

Now if it’s just sex you want and you and the man are comfortable with that by all means do you, you’re grown. But if you are looking to build something with this person then it has to be more than just the physical. Make the man earn it mama now I’m not saying if you are dating that you have to go months on end but make sure that y’all are on the same page.

Be very firm and direct on what you want and what you expect out of the relationship from the beginning, also be clear on what you will not tolerate. If you open the door he will step in and never look back.

Men are very simple creatures, black and white, yes and no, it’s that easy point blank. I honestly feel once you start grasping these ideas and implementing them into your everyday lifestyle and dating arena you will see a significant shift in your favor. 

So, the moral of the story is, ladies if you command respect mind, body and soul, you will attract a King. You are a product of your environment so if you want to elevate to a higher class of men then you must love yourself first and foremost and ask God to prepare you for your husband not just a boyfriend, that way you will be ready for your King when he arrives.

All that glitters is not gold and a pair of lips will tell you anything. You are somebody and he will respect you, know your worth, a man will only go As Far as You Let Him.



A pair of lips can tell you anything, sometimes lies and sometimes truths, it all depends on who’s talking.  

Let’s look at life from the perspective of a child, children don’t care about money and what you can buy them, if you’re not there and can’t show up when they need you. They want your time and the effort you put forth to be there for games, birthday parties, sporting events and anything else that may be important in their lives. The memories that are formed in their young minds are priceless and very relevant to who they become well into their adolescent years. 

All a man has is his word and his balls, without either, what do you stand for? 

Be there for your loved ones, be there for those who matter and when you need them the feeling should be mutual. In our simplest form we can be there because sometimes that’s all someone may need – human contact and the emotional support saying I’m here and I care. 

Trust that there will be times that there is nothing humanly or physically possible that you or anyone else can do, but by you Showing Up, it can make all the difference between someone stepping towards or away from their demise. 


Every night I close my eyes with a plan or notion of opening them again, I hold on to the promises of yesterday and push for the future of tomorrow. 

Not knowing whether I will live or die. 

No matter what you may be facing you must choose life, for it is better to have lived once than to have died a thousand times. 

Embrace the journey of each day; it’s hard, it’s sad and it can be cold and cruel, yet spontaneously beautiful if you embrace the moments that cannot be foreseen. 

Hold on to today because Tomorrow Is Not Promised


Time is truly the undisputed champion of the world, it’s the one thing in life that we just don’t seem to have enough of. It’s something that can be your best friend and in the same token, your worst enemy.

It can’t be controlled or manipulated, bought or bargained with, it is simply the essence of life that one day you check in and one day you check out. Or as the great book of Genesis says, “for you were made from dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Point being you only get one shot at this thing we call life, so I suggest you live it to the fullest of your ability. Just because your heart beats and you are alive doesn’t mean you are living, there is a big difference I wish for all to understand.

You don’t have to live to see old age to say you have lived a full life, there are some who have died very young and experienced more in a short time span than those who have had many years.

It is up to you as an individual to decide what you will accomplish and endure on this earth with the gifts that God has given you. I pray that my words reach someone’s heart right on Time.

Trust and believe we serve a God who lives outside of Time so when you least expect it and you think you are alone remember this – he may not be there when you want him but he is always, right on Time.


I hear women complain all the time that they don’t exist, that there are none left, spoken as if we were from a pre-historic age.

I beg to differ ladies, we are alive and well, I do concur that it is hard to find a good man but not impossible. What you must understand is that we are tired of not being appreciated, loved, valued, taken for granted by certain women who verbally abuse us and make us feel like shit, pardon my French I digress.

Love is an addiction that some take for granted and something that has become very real in my life. I have personally loved and lost some good women thinking I was God’s gift to women, but I had to learn that even addiction can be overcome, and I was not invincible to a woman’s scorn.

Ladies just remember to cherish and uplift him, treat him like the King he is and in return he will love you as the Queen you are, because when your bond is tight and you find a good man you have found a priceless image that should be immortalized and hopefully it will stand the test of time which is the real victory in life.

A real man is like a bottle of wine, he tastes good to your lips, makes you feel safe and calm, and ages gracefully over time.

I hope that these words can reach and touch some young ladies’ hearts, because as long as you have faith there will always be a Few Good MEN!



Never let go, always keep their hand in yours, focus on the little things such as a soft kiss on the forehead or a “hi”, “how was your day?”

Never get comfortable in your leisure, pursue the ones you love wholeheartedly as if to say goodbye to a passing stranger in the night.

Rejoice in the simplicity of her voice, soft and pleasant, look into her eyes and dive headfirst into her soul and embrace her spirit on a one-way journey to ecstasy.

Never become bored or content with one’s love of another, practice being each other’s biggest fan.

The same spark that kindled two spirits will be the same spark that shall keep you Forever Dating.




I truly believe that in life you will meet someone that embodies the same spirit as you. A person that just gets you for you, nothing has to be explained; it just flows naturally.

Your reflection of mind, body and soul are so entwined with one another that doubt becomes reassurance, pain becomes joy, and hate turns into love.

Our comfort levels allow us to escape into each other’s minds. We become lost in our own thoughts of confirmation that our reflection is solidified.

Two kindred spirits traveling on different paths that were bound to meet by fate. I look in the mirror, I see my reflection, and I am home.



Red, white, green, black or brown, should not define a nation. Children are born blind to the fact that their friends are of a different race or skin tone, it is a trait not born of babies but taught to our fellow man.

Be kind to all no matter what skin tone, for your own hatred for another could be your own demise. Judge the next man not by what his or her status is or what they can do for you but ask how I can help them.

GOD does not like ugly he made everything that has breath in the image he saw fit, so I tell you this, never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up. Colors are only a shade of your mind’s reflection.