I have tried to live my life by a certain creed. 

I was always taught that you should not look down on anyone unless you are helping them up. 


Life can paint a pretty picture but sometimes everything is not what it seems. 

Just because it may feel that you have gotten away with something or you have wronged someone does not mean it will not come back around. 


Karma doesn’t have a timeframe, so 1 month can turn into 7 months and that may even turn into years but trust and believe it will come back around. 


Please understand that no one deserves bad things to happen to them, it just means it’s your turn.


Stay prepared and ready to react to whatever life decides to hand you so that when you go through this process, the transition will flow smoother than expected.


Karma can come in different forms, sometimes it may be the loved ones you hold closest that may pay for the sins that you cause. 


Karma does not rest, it doesn’t take holidays off and it does not discriminate on who you are as a person

Karma is a bitch.