It was love at first sight, you made my first time so special, and I already knew I would return to you as long as you would have me. 

You told me that I could take a seat, you were ready for me, you made sure I was relaxed and asked me what I would like to get today. 

You were patient with me while I made my decision and calmly said “I got you”.


As the blade flowed with the grain of my hair, I knew I had found my barber. 

For over the next decade and a half her steady hand would guide my hair and my life in a different way. 


She became more than just the woman who cuts my hair, she became a friend, a counselor, a calming voice who would eventually see me go from a boy to a man. 

To me she is the best barber in the world and I’m sure you all feel the same way about yours and that’s fine, because in the end, I would put her skills up against anyone who thought they were better.

To the world she may be seen as a hairstylist, to me she is much more. 

She is my family and her name is Phyllis, the greatest with A Steady Hand


From your long hair to your beautiful body I stare, from your light skin to your pink lips I stare. 

She walks with confidence as if to say I am here, yet so subtle as if not to be noticed. 

Her colored hair drapes down her face and moves like the ocean, but there is a light from within that cannot be hidden.

You know what it is but you dare not say, it speaks to the soul as if to say come play, yet this is not a game and she is not for sale. 

My only wish is that my pretty eyes will prevail. 

They shine like diamonds and are more precious than gold, the woman I speak of is my queen. To the world s

he is a quiet storm blowing in the breeze, but to me she is My Pretty Eyes and that’s all she will ever be.