A pair of lips can tell you anything, sometimes lies and sometimes truths, it all depends on who’s talking.  

Let’s look at life from the perspective of a child, children don’t care about money and what you can buy them, if you’re not there and can’t show up when they need you. They want your time and the effort you put forth to be there for games, birthday parties, sporting events and anything else that may be important in their lives. The memories that are formed in their young minds are priceless and very relevant to who they become well into their adolescent years. 

All a man has is his word and his balls, without either, what do you stand for? 

Be there for your loved ones, be there for those who matter and when you need them the feeling should be mutual. In our simplest form we can be there because sometimes that’s all someone may need – human contact and the emotional support saying I’m here and I care. 

Trust that there will be times that there is nothing humanly or physically possible that you or anyone else can do, but by you Showing Up, it can make all the difference between someone stepping towards or away from their demise.