I hear women complain all the time that they don’t exist, that there are none left, spoken as if we were from a pre-historic age.

I beg to differ ladies, we are alive and well, I do concur that it is hard to find a good man but not impossible. What you must understand is that we are tired of not being appreciated, loved, valued, taken for granted by certain women who verbally abuse us and make us feel like shit, pardon my French I digress.

Love is an addiction that some take for granted and something that has become very real in my life. I have personally loved and lost some good women thinking I was God’s gift to women, but I had to learn that even addiction can be overcome, and I was not invincible to a woman’s scorn.

Ladies just remember to cherish and uplift him, treat him like the King he is and in return he will love you as the Queen you are, because when your bond is tight and you find a good man you have found a priceless image that should be immortalized and hopefully it will stand the test of time which is the real victory in life.

A real man is like a bottle of wine, he tastes good to your lips, makes you feel safe and calm, and ages gracefully over time.

I hope that these words can reach and touch some young ladies’ hearts, because as long as you have faith there will always be a Few Good MEN!