This piece was inspired by a friend close to my heart, now if he explained what “cruisin’ to your cadence” means he would say it’s riding in your car and zoning out to whatever music you like. 

No need to rush, just hit the highway and have a musical journey that only you and your ears would understand. 

But this invitation is extended to anybody who has ever wanted to get away, to those people out there who feel hopeless and you think no one cares, this is for you. 

Your cadence can be anything that you enjoy or anything that makes you feel good inside, whether its cooking, sports, watching tv, shopping, the possibilities can endless as long as you do it your way. 

Personally, for me it’s when I have this pen in my hand because I feel free, like I can go anywhere in the world through my mind and escape from my reality. I strongly encourage men, women, boys and girls, whoever you are and wherever you are from, do what makes you happy because when you are cruisin’ to your cadence everything is gonna be alright.


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  1. Yvette Phillips
    Yvette Phillips says:

    This is a message that fits for everyone. Time with yourself is valuable for U and those that U have a connection with.
    Peace be the Journey.

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