I open my eyes to see the world filled with hate. You see for a lot of black and brown people convictions, hurt, and pain, is all we know. 

It’s a cold world and green is the only thing that seems to balance out the scales of justice. If you have enough money you can literally paint your own story, destroy someone’s livelihood and get away with murder, push the reset button on life and start off with a fresh canvas.  

But for those who cannot afford to tip the scales of justice a number will be given to you and life as you know it will be stripped away. They will belittle you and tell you that you are not shit, or that your life is not worth living and want to sentence you to a cell and 4 walls and call it home. 

The system is designed and set up for my people of color to fail not knowing that since birth we already had targets on our backs. I’m here to say that we are done with the lies and false statements that we don’t matter, to all my beautiful minorities of the world remember that freedom is a mindset and you cannot feed into the system of loneliness and despair. The mind is the hardest prison to escape, so as long as you keep your heart filled with love and focus on your reality your soul will never be Behind Bars.


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